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Brandy Constantino is a Portuguese brandy made by Sogrape Vinhos Portugal, a family-owned company that puts its focus on innovation. Luís Sottomayor is the expert winemaker in charge of production. High-quality brandies from various origins are blended together to make Brandy Constantino. These Portuguese brandies are chosen specifically because of their taste, softness, sweetness, and clarity.

After blending, to comply with brandy legislation, Brandy Constantino is aged for 12 months in large wooden tanks. During this time, additives, colourings, and flavourings are added with the aim of enhancing both the flavour and aroma of the final spirit. The end product is an elegant and well-balanced Portuguese brandy that will continue to mature and age in the bottle over time, retaining its character for years.

This dark yellow brandy has a powerful bouquet with a velvety consistency and a smooth finish. Serve it either chilled or at room temperature. While Brandy Constantino is traditionally served as a digestif, it can also be served as a cocktail using mixers such as juice or cola. Pair this brandy with foods that are rich and inherently sweet, such as desserts or certain sauces. Cured meats and strong cheeses are also good pairing options.

Technical sheet · Brandy Constantino

Category:Brandy (Spirits)
Producer: Sogrape Vinhos
Volume: 100cl
Country: Portugal

Description · Sogrape Vinhos

Brandy Constantino 1L


  • Colour: Brandy Constantino 1L has a warm and inviting golden amber hue.
  • Aroma: A rich, wine-like aroma is laced with woodiness, and enticing hints of nut and vanilla.
  • Taste: Velvety smooth and balanced, with subtle notes of almond and spice, into a lengthy and refined finish.

PRODUCER: Sogrape Vinhos, founded in 1942, is a group of brands and companies undertaking global distribution of respected alcoholic beverages. However, the esteemed Constantine brand dates back much further, to 1877, when Constantino de Almeida was a successful exporter of port wine.

COUNTRY: Portugal

PRODUCTION DETAILS: Following selection of the finest grapes and a complex and careful process of distillation and refinement, Brandy Constantino 1L is aged for 24 months in large wooden vessels. Colouring and flavouring food additives are used, in keeping with the regulations of the ‘brandy' denomination. Best stored upright and not in direct sunlight, at a stable temperature from 10-20ºC; under these conditions Brandy Constantino 1L will keep long and well. Ideally served at room temperature, 16-18ºC, following a lovely meal, for an evening of contentment. Brandy Constantino 1L on ice with ginger ale is also a highly satisfying tipple, or try it in cocktail recipes which call for brandy, for an extra-smooth experience.


Sogrape Vinhos

Sogrape Vinhos was born of the will and courage of a group of friends. In the difficult economic and political environment of 1942, they decided to stake everything on the visionary talents of one man. Today, led by the third generation of the founding family, Sogrape Vinhos is ever more closely...

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Highlighted review about Brandy Constantino 1L


Posted on at 11.26


Brandy Constantino 1L

Excellent ! Have been enjoying it since we found it in Portugal from 1980 !

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Jonas Landin

Posted on at 21.15

5 /5

Good brandy simply !!!
Portugal Vineyards

Posted on at 09.43

4 /5

It has a dark yellow hue with greenish hints. Its bouquet is powerful, with intense wood of great quality. Notes typical of the noblest brandies, such as spices, are also well in evidence. In the mouth it is very soft, of an almost velvety consistency, and has a very elegant finish.
Winer Shop

Posted on at 13.59

4 /5

- Constantino Brandyhas a dark yellow hue with greenish hints
- Its bouquet is powerful, with intense wood of great quality
- Notes typical of the noblest brandies, such as spices, are also well in evidence
- In the mouth it is very soft, of an almost velvety consistency, and has a very elegant and uniquefinish

- Alcohol Grade: 36%

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