Brandy Carlos I Solera Especial Pedro Domecq 75cl

Pedro Domecq (Brandy)

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Brandy Carlos I Solera Especial Pedro Domecq is an exclusive Jerez Brandy prepared in a traditional way that will surprise you. It is aimed especially at those who, like you, know how to appreciate something different, unique, complex and smooth of international prestige.

Its elaboration begins with a careful selection of the best Airén grape wines distilled in the company itself through traditional methods in Arab stills. Aged in American oak barrels that previously contained the most select Jerez wines, amontillados and olorosos, and thanks to the traditional aging method of Criaderas y Solera, the young distillates are mixed with older, thus revealing an extraordinary brandy.

As you know, brandy is a spirit drink with an alcohol content between 36 and 45, obtained from distilled spirits and wine distillates and aged in oak containers. Jerez Brandy is differentiated from others by its traditional production system, the characteristics of the wooden vessels in which it ages and, naturally, the climatic characteristics of the geographical area where it originated, the Marco de Jerez. Jerez Brandy is aged in American oak barrels that previously had to be aged with some of the traditional types of Sherry Wine

The type of Jerez Brandy Solera Gran Reserva presents the longest aging time, that concentrates in its aroma and flavor the signs of identity of the terroir in which it has been elaborated based on the most exquisite tradition. A gift for your senses!

Technical sheet · Brandy Carlos I Solera Especial Pedro Domecq

Category:Brandy (Spirits)
Producer: Pedro Domecq
Volume: 75cl
Country: France

Description · Pedro Domecq

Brandy Carlos I Solera Especial Pedro Domecq 75cl


  • Color: this brandy is presented with a very strong and intense amber tone, which can also appreciate beautiful bright flashes of golden color that confer a high degree of elegance.
  • Flavour: aromas are intense and very marked, featuring top notes of vanilla that combine in perfect harmony with cocoa, you may also receive notes of nuts such as walnuts and avellas.
  • Taste: its passage through the palate is silky, fine and discreet entrance, is very delicious and covers every corner of the mouth has very good balance in its flavors and turns out to be a complex brandy.

PRODUCER: Osborne.

Country Spain.

PRODUCTION DETAILS: its manufacturing process enhances a beautiful legacy of artisan tradition and great wisdom; this product a subtle brandy, charismatic presented with complex properties that makes us take a whole world of new sensations, definitely this is an unmistakable brandy.


Pedro Domecq

Pedro Domecq is a winery based in the famous Jerez region in the south of Spain . This Andalusian brand was active from 1822 until it was bought out and sold off to various companies in the 2000s. The flagship products of the brand can still be enjoyed and are still being produced by the...

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