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Bols Apricot Brandy is, from all of the fine products offered by the company over the years, one of the oldest liqueur recipes the company has invented. This high-quality liqueur gains its flavour from the use of both fresh apricot juice and the crushed kernels of the apricot fruit itself, which gives a nutty, amaretto flavour to the whole. A touch of orange rounds out the flavour of the apricot to give it more depth and richness.

With its beautiful golden-amber colour in the distinctive bartender-friendly bottle, Bols Apricot Brandy is a must-have. It is an essential ingredient in a number of popular cocktails such as the Zombie, Mai Tai, and Apricot Fizz. Also excellent on its own when mixed into orange juice or soda, this apricot-flavoured spirit is sure to be a crowd pleaser. That is why it has been on the market so long - showing no sign of disappearing any time soon.

Bols itself is a company that has been taking great care of its customers since first opening in 1575. The brand started out in a distillery named ‘t Lootsje, which translates as "the little shed", but quickly spread its wings as the quality and range of flavours offered began to win the company fame. With an excellent portfolio of products available all over the world, Bols is sure to have the flavour you need for any drink you may dream up.

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Technical sheet

Category:Brandy (Spirits)
Producer: Lucas Bols
Volume: 70cl Other volumes
Alcohol Vol.: 24%
Country: Netherlands

Description of Bols Apricot Brandy

Bols Apricot Brandy


  • Colour: This is a medium-golden-yellow-coloured liqueur.
  • Aroma: It has a unique aroma dominated by aroma of tropical apricot along with notes of banana, roasted almonds and candy.
  • Taste: This is a medium-sweet, medium-bodied spirit with flavours of apricot pulp and skin, spirit brandy notes, almond and pink grapefruit zest. The finish is very long living lingering aftertaste of almonds, bananas, cloves, dried apricot, lemon and grapefruit.

PRODUCER: Bols. They are one of the world's oldest spirits producers. The Bols family started the liqueur production in 1575, in a small Amsterdam distillery called Tlootsje. The first liqueurs they produced where flavoured with cumin, cardamom and orange. In 1700, Lucas Bols started shipping his products all over the world, through Dutch East India trading company. This brought along a huge opportunity, a choice of the newly arrived exotic herbs and spices, which influenced more than 300 spirit recipes, that he later produced.Today, the company is a top-quality spirit producer that uses more than 39 unique flavours in the distillation process. The flavours are divided into groups such as: citrus, orchard, berries, tropical, herbs and botanicals.

COUNTRY: Netherlands

PRODUCTION DETAILS: Bols Apricot Brandy is a blend of apricot kernel distillate, fresh apricot juice and brandy.


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The Producer

Lucas Bols

Lucas Bols

Lucas Bols returned into Dutch hands and to Amsterdam in April 2006. The company became independent in 2006 by means of a buy out by the management and AAC Capital Partners. Huub van Doorne, former member of the Board of Directors of Rémy Cointreau and now CEO of Lucas Bols, has brought the oldest distillery back to its roots: Amsterdam. In more than 110 countries Bols is known for its liqueurs, gin, genever and vodka. Lucas Bols has the largest cocktail database in the world with 18,000 online recipes. From the 60 classic cocktails in existence, most of them are made with Bols. Lucas Bols is co-founder of The International Bartender Association and founder of The Bols Bartending Academy.

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Bols Apricot Brandy

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