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Verona, Veneto

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about Zenato

Zenato is a winery located in northern Italy near the beautiful Lake Garda. The Lugana wine region in which it is located is quickly becoming more popular and gaining international recognition for its high-quality Italian wines.

As a brand, Zenato is committed to excellence. To that end, they harvest all of their grapes by hand before processing them according to traditional methods, while not steering away from innovation.


Sergio Zenato founded his winery in Italy in 1960. The original Zenato estate is located in the heart of Lugana, at S. Cristina in San Benedetto di Lugana. It quickly expanded to include the Costalunga estate in Valpolicella as well.

Product Range

The Zenato portfolio of wines is divided into six categories, based on the location from which the grapes were harvested.

The Lugana wines are the product of Sergio Zenato’s first forays into winemaking. He saw potential in the autochthonous Trebbiano di Lugana grape and wanted to see its true potential.

Valpolicella is a line of red wines made of a mix of grapes from the Valpolicella area. Each of these beautiful wines has its own personality and truly shows the character of the typical grapes of the Valpolicella region.

The prestigious Cru line contains the purest wines in the portfolio. Zenato’s Cresasso is made from the best 100% Corvina Veronese grapes, harvested in two stages for the distinct flavours that come from different levels of ripeness.

The wines that make up the Riserve Sergio Zenato are limited productions of higher-quality wines, available in both white and red wines.

S. Cristina is made up of a collection of wines sourced from the historical vineyards at Zenato’s S. Cristina estate. The grapes for these wines are carefully selected to ensure the highest quality before being processed. This line also includes a fine grappa made from Trebbiano di Lugana grapes and an olive oil made from local varieties of olives.

Other wines is where the wines which are outside of the other parameters are kept. These wines are no less important than the others because they prove that the Zenato brand is not keeping still. it is continuing to broaden its horizons and its reach to other wine areas.

Other Relevant Information

Sergio Zenato rediscovered a traditional method of winemaking called “ripasso”, in which Valpolicella wine is passed over the pressed, withered grapes of Amarone to create a delicious union of the two varieties.

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Location and other information

City: Peschiera Del Garda (ZIP Code 37019)
Location: Verona, Veneto
Country: Italy
Phone: + 39 045 7550300