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Mainzer Strasse 19
Westhofen Bei Worms (ZIP Code 67593)
+49 6244 905036
+49 6244 5578

Real vintner blood runs through the veins of the Wittmann family. Their ancestors have been dedicating themselves to the cultivation of wine since 1663. And out of this traditional history the clan of vintners draws its deep connection to the terroir, which experiences bio-dynamic cultivation since 2004.

The terroir is situated in the German wine region, Rheinhessen, where you can slowly run over the vineyards with your eyes until you reach the roofs of the small town nearby. Also the Romans recognized and used the advantages this land had and still has to offer when it comes to wine cultivation.

After a biodynamic care the harvest takes place manually year after year from where on they come to the press house. Then, the wine reaches the vauled cellar, the winery's whole pride. However, this is where the must ferments on a natural way on equally natural yeast in wooden barrels. But only the best resulting Riesling wines will wear the name of the brand's first-class terroirs, which are Aulerde, Kirchspiel, Brunnenhäuschen and Morstein. But furthermore, the winery Wittmann also pleases the palates of wine enthusiasts with delicious local and estate wines, Wittmann Reserve and sweet wines - according to the German wine classification system.

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