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Von Winning

Von Winning

Weinstraße 10
Neustadt an der Weinstraße (ZIP Code 67434)
Pfalz, Rheinland-Pfalz
+49 63 26 / 966 87
+49 63 26 / 7920

the winery Weingut von Winning, known as Weingut Dr. Deinhard until 2009, is with a roundabout of 42 hectares of vineyards one of the region's largest wineries.

The story begins with the establishment of a wine wholesaler named Deinhard & Co in Koblenz in 1794. The founder's son, Johann Friedrich Deinhard, founded the winery Dr. Deinhard after inheriting his father-in-law's estate. In 1848, finally, the manor was built. With Andreas Deinhard the winery made the step towards quality wines. His daughter was married to Leopold von Winning, who took over the winery after Andreas' death. So the estate went from generation to generation, from one family to the next, until 2007, the Group Niederberger took over Dr. Deinhard, which we know today under the name of Weingut von Winning.

Among the values ​​and obligations of the winery von Winning we find among others a respectful relationship with nature, traditional cultivation and production methods and dense plantation as up to 100 years before. The winery's grape varieties grow on different sites with various climatic and agricultural conditions. But we can say that the most important variety is the so-called king of white grapes, Riesling.

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