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Vinhos Barbeito

Vinhos Barbeito

Estrada Da Ribeira Garcia
Câmara De Lobos (ZIP Code 9300)
+351 291 761 829

In the early years our company concentrated its efforts in the production of bottled wine. New concepts of marketing in the Madeira wine business were introduced as well as innovative packaging like the wickered flagon. The quality of our wines gained an excellent reputation among consumers which helped to strenghten Barbeito’s image in the international market.

As time went by our company increased its activities and ended up involved in the bulk wine business in the beginning of the 70’s. This involvement brought many changes in Barbeito’s daily operations due to an excessive growth in production.

The competition among exporters in the bulk wine business was very high and small companies like ours had to strive to keep that area of business active and profitable.

However, during the 80’s we started realizing that Barbeito’s involvement in that kind of exports were damaging the quality of the bottled wine that was produced.

The difficult decision to stop exporting wine in bulk only came in 1991 with the entrance of Ricardo Vasconcelos Freitas to the company. In fact, 1991 was the year of the beginning of many changes in Vinhos Barbeito, being one of the most important the joint venture with the Kinoshita family, with whom we had already a close commercial and personal relationship since 1967. This decision enabled us to concentrate our efforts in just ageing, producing and blending the best quality wines. It was like going back to the past, when our grandfather just wanted to produce and sell good bottled wine, even if only in small quantities.

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