Vigneti del Vulture - Farnese

Vigneti del Vulture - Farnese

Contrada Pipoli
Acerenza (ZIP Code 85011)
Potenza, Basilicata
+39 085 9067388
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Founded in 2009, Vigneti del Vulture aims to create high-quality wines that appeal to all tastes. The fine red, white, and rosé wines made by Vigneti del Vulture, which makes up part of the Farnese Group, all offer excellent expressions of the native regional grapes.


Founded in 1994, the Farnese Group is the product of a group of talented young winemakers that joined together to craft great wines. The company is now the leading wine producer in Southern Italy, in both volume and quality. In its relatively short lifespan, the company has won a large number of gold medals and international awards for its wines. Vigneti del Vulture was founded by the Farnese Group in 2009 in the Italian region of Basilicata, one of the oldest in Italy. The region is dominated by Monte Vulture, a non-active volcano. The eruptions of the past have left the region with a soil that is high in minerals and perfect for growing the complex grapes needed for great wines.

Product Range

The portfolio of wines offered by Vigneri del Vulture is made up of red, white, and rosé wines with a variety of different maturity levels. There are three red wines which use 100% Aglianico del Vulture grapes, the native variety. Pipoli Zero is unaged, offering a natural product with no sulphur dioxide. Pipoli Aglianico is aged for 10 months in a mixture of stainless steel and previously used barriques before being left for 3 months in the bottle. Piano del Cerro is aged for 24 months in new barriques. These three wines offer consumers three different aspects of the Aglianico del Vulture personality, all beautifully made. Tufarello is another red wine, made using 100% Nero di Troia grapes which is aged in barriques for four months before bottling. The company offers two white wines. Sensuale uses 100% Moscato Bianco, subjecting the grapes to a short vinification to ensure a sweet, fresh, and intense final product. Pipoli, on the other hand, uses 60% Greco and 40% Fiano grapes that are aged in stainless steel on lees, resulting in a tropical and fresh white wine with good acidity. Pipoli is also offered in a rosé format which uses 100% Aglianico, also aged in stainless steel on lees. This bright pink wine is elegant, floral, and fruity.

Other Relevant Information

Covering 160 hectares of land, the winery is focused on using growing varieties of grape that are native to Basilicata, such as Aglianico, Greco, and Fiano, in order to bring them into the international spotlight. The Greeks were the first to plant Aglianico in the region back in the 7th century B.C.

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