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Crta. N-340 Km 1194,8
Bellvei Del Penedès (ZIP Code 43719)
Tarragona, Catalonia
+34 977 16 87 01
+34 977 66 70 00

Teichenné, SA is a family-owned company dedicated to the production of liqueurs and derivatives. It was founded in 1956 by the father of the current CEO and chairman of the company, John Teichenné. At that time production was completely handmade and very limited, sales were limited to the nearest counties. It was not until the 70s, when Teichenné expanded, just at the time when John Teichenné replaced his father.

The challenge was to create a wide range of products taking into account the presentations and offering the best quality. Thus began the position in the Spanish market and there was a "boom" when Teichenné introduced its today famous "Schnapps", sweet fruit liqueurs of medium alcoholic strength. They represented a novelty in the late 80s, opening the door for the global market, which has been growing ever since.

Through this steady growth in production, the factory in Arboç (hometown of Teichenné family) became too small. And in 1993 a new facility was built in Bellvei Penedes. Today Teichenné is proud of over 200 products in the catalogue and an export in more than 25 countries.

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