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St. Pauls

St. Pauls

Schloss-Warth-Weg 21
St. Pauls - Eppan (ZIP Code 39050)
Bozen, Trentino-Alto-Adige
+39 0471 66 21 83
+39 0471 66 25 30

The St. Paul's Church, known as "Dome on the contryside", was built by noble families, rich farmers and the South Tyrolean bourgeoisie in order to demonstrate the region's power and prestige. The wine produced there all across Europe by the end of the 19th century. Later the winemakers joined together in cooperatives in order to obtain better conditions. So, in 1907 the winery's cooperative was founded by a total of 36 wine makers.

However, it was very important to them to plant high quality vines and to follow strict quality standards during the vinification process. The cooperative gre bigger in time and in 2007 celebrated their 100th anniversary with 215 members.

These vintners are aiming for harmony between tradition and modernity. That's why you can find tanks of stainless steel and most modern technologies aside old oak barrels in an old wine cellar.

This cellar was built on four levels, the winery still gains from this special architecture. Because the whole vinification process follows the gravity. On the first level the grapes are selected and put in order, on the second level the grapes get carefully pressed, before the must runs - via gravity - into the fermentation tanks.

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