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Skyy Spirits

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about Skyy Spirits

One man. One goal. This is how Skyy vodka was created. Maurice Kanbar invented Skyy vodka in hopes of creating a better martini. That is why Skyy has a superior taste that is purer and of higher quality than anything else he could find on the market.

Made from 100% American grain and water, Skyy vodkas are column distilled four times and filtered three times for a smooth, crisp, dry vodka that is perfect for crafting premium cocktails.


Skyy Spirits was first created in California in 1992. The brand was sold to Gruppo Campari in 2009.

Product Range

The Skyy Spirits product line is made up of quadruple-distilled, triple-filtered vodkas, the first of which is Skyy Original. At 40% alcohol by volume, this smooth, clean product is sure to please.

To follow the delicious Skyy Original come Skyy Infusions. Made with real fruit so that they taste fresh and delicious, it is no wonder that the Sky Infusions line calls itself “true to fruit”. With so many different flavours at 35% alcohol per volume, there is a perfect Skyy flavoured vodka for whatever your needs may be. Here are the current exciting flavours offered in the Skyy Infusions line:

  • Blood Orange: Spicy and sweet with hints of orange zest.
  • California Apricot: The beautiful stone fruit from Skyy’s home state of California creates a juicy and floral infusion.
  • Cherry: There is nothing that the lush taste of cherries cannot improve on, including vodka.
  • Citrus: Ripe lemons are mixed with mature limes for a beautiful citric marriage.
  • Coastal Cranberry: Tart, sweet, and crisp, this flavoured vodka is perfect for the holidays.
  • Georgia Peach: Skyy has sourced the best American peaches for its 100% American peach vodka.
  • Honeycrisp Apple: Juicy, tart, sweet, and sour with the taste of real apples. Mix it with ginger beer for the perfect autumn cocktail.
  • Pacific Blueberry: Tastes just like the sweet and tart blueberries used to infuse it.
  • Pineapple: The flavour of ripe pineapple with a touch of orange and citrus peel make this a perky summer vodka.
  • Raspberry: Fresh, juicy, and ready to brighten up your summer drinks.
  • Sun-Ripened Watermelon: Shining with the juicy, slightly sweet flavour of fresh sun-ripened watermelon.
  • Texas Grapefruit: Big, bold, and bright in flavour.
  • Tropical Mango: Escape to a tropical paradise with the sweet juicy flavour of mango.
  • Wild Strawberry: Sweet, wild, and luscious. Perfect.
  • Other Relevant Information

    Skyy vodka is instantly recognizable for its cobalt blue bottle and minimalist label. According to the Campari Group, this vodka is the leads the domestic premium vodkas in the US. Worldwide, Skyy vodka is the fifth most popular premium vodka.

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    Skyy Spirits
    Skyy Spirits