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Sharish Gin

Sharish Gin

Parque Da Cidade
Reguengos De Monsaraz (ZIP Code 7200)
966 056 051
266 501 006

From the medieval town of Monsaraz, Portugal comes the story of a man with a dream and whose dreams actually became a reality. António Cuco, the founder of Sharish Gin, comes from a region with a winemaking tradition. He deviated from that path to head into the world of gin, beginning by collecting gins at his parents’ restaurant and ending with a successful gin company of his very own.


António Cuco’s experimentation with the different flavours in his gin collection gave him the idea to create his own gin. The idea arose in September 2013 and just one month later, he was working on his own recipe for gin. By 2014, António was certified as a distiller and now crafts Sharish Gin.

Product Range

The original recipe for Sharish Gin is made using select oranges, lemons, and Bravo Esmolfe apples, a local variety, homegrown by the Sharish Gin company. These three fruits are peeled and macerated while fresh. Macedonian juniper, bourbon vanilla, cinnamon, cloves, coriander, and lemon verbena are also added. The ingredients are all separately cold infused for different lengths of time, ranging from 30 days to nine months. The base spirit behind Sharish Gin is made using 50% molasses, 30% rice, and 70% wheat and distillation is completed in two 300-litre copper pot stills.

Sharish Laurinius Gin is a variation of the original Sharish Gin which is cask-aged for one year before bottling. The Bravo Esmolfe apple is replaced by local Rocha pear and Loureira leaf is added.

Sharish Rocha Pear Gin is a limited edition which uses Portuguese Rocha pears while adding lavender, elderflower, and pine needles for a unique flavour profile.

Sharish Dark Sky Gin is a limited-edition collaboration with the Dark Sky Alqueva Reserve. Only a small number of bottles were released, with part of the revenue being given to the Dark Sky Alqueva Reserve.

Sharish Blue Magic Gin *is a bright blue colour in the bottle but when mixed with tonic, it turns pink! This magic is due to the inclusion of butterfly pea (Clitoria ternatea) to naturally colour the gin. Angelica root, ginger, cardamom, strawberry, and raspberry are also added as botanicals in this gin.*

*Other Relevant Information*

*One identifying factor of the Sharish Gin brand is the *beautiful and unique Mahe bottle. Its shape is slightly reminiscent of the circular Bocksbeutel bottles that are traditionally used for Portuguese wines, underlining, yet again, the close connection that Sharish Gin has to Portugal, its flavours, and its history. The logo contains a silhouette of the town of Monsaraz, the home of this fine collection of gins.**

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