Sella & Mosca

Sella & Mosca

Località I Piani
Alghero (ZIP Code 07041)
Sassari, Sardinia
+39 079 997700
+39 079 951279

Sella & Mosca is a winery that arose thanks to two men and their love of the land. This estate is now 650 hectares in total, 520 of which are vineyards, making it one of the largest estates in Europe. Located on the Italian island of Sardinia, this winery has been providing both vines and wines to the world since 1890.


Two men from Piedmont – Erminio Sella, an engineer, and Edgardo Mosca, a lawyer –took a trip to Sardinia in the late 1800s. When they set eyes on the beautiful untouched land before them, they decided that this was the perfect site to create their own winery and to name it after themselves. Thus, Sella & Mosca was born in 1890.

The winery has a spring, a site for rootstock grafting, wineries, housing for the workers and their families, an elementary school, and a chapel. In 2002, Sella & Mosca was bought by Gruppo Campari. In 2016, it was sold to Terra Moretti.

Product Range

Sella & Mosca offers white, red, rosé, and passiti wines, both sparkling and still with grapes sourced from three protected denomination of origins. The following are just a small selection of the many types of wine this historic winery has to offer.

  • Torbato Brut (Alghero Torbato Spumante DOC) is a sparkling wine made out of 100% Torbato grapes. The final product is fresh, aromatic, and full of flavour.
  • Monteoro (Vermentino Di Gallura Superiore DOCG) is an expressive still white wine made using 100% Vermentino grapes. Complex and captivating, this is a beautiful Mediterranean wine with the perfect level of acidity.
  • Dimonios (Cannonau Di Sardegna DOC Riserva) is made from 100% Cannonau and aged in oak to result in a fragrant wine with a lot of character.
  • Rosato (Alghero Rosato DOC) is a rosé wine made from a blend of autochthonous vines and Sangiovese that creates a fragrant and versatile wine.
  • Monteluce (Alghero Bianco Passito DOC) uses 100% Nasco grapes that were first sun-dried for 15 days before processing to result in a sweet, dynamic yellow passito wine.
  • Other Relevant Information

    Artist Antonio Marras collaborated with the winery to craft both stories and illustrations for the labels of four new wines: Oscarì (Alghero Torbato Spumante Brut Metodo Classico DOC), Ambat (Vermentino Di Sardegna DOC), Catore (Alghero Torbato DOC), and Mustazzo (Cannonau Di Sardegna). This collection of illustrations along with their accompanying stories helps to create a new identity for the most representative varieties of Sella & Mosca wine.

    The logo for Sella & Mosca is an illustration taken from the tomb of Mereruka in Saqqara which shows ancient Egyptians pressing grapes.

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