Stroh rum, in its distinctive brown bottle, is a popular brand of Austrian rums. Starting out as a schnapps producer back in 1832, the brand is now in the head of its field, offering a rum that has become essential for a number of Austrian specialities – both foods and drinks. Available in a range of different proofs and flavours, this spirit is often imitated but can never be replaced. Stroh 40, 60, 80, and Jagertee are among the best-selling offerings from this company.


The Stroh company began back in 1832 when Sebastian Stroh produced his first schnapps in St. Paul, Carinthian Lavanttal, Austria. In 1857, the brand’s production capabilities were expanded with new facilities. Stroh began to produce fruit liqueurs, brandies, and bitters. The company steadily grew in popularity and is now one of the leading brands of spirits from Austria.

Sold in more than 40 countries around the world, the popularity of this classic brand has been providing the world with its special Inländer-Rum, meaning “domestic rum”, for more than 185 years.

Product Range

The Stroh product range is currently made up of four different expressions of the classic Stroh rum.

Stroh Inländer Rum: The original offering from the brand. Available in 40, 60, and 80, in reference to the percentage of alcohol content of the rum. 40 is the most common while 80 can be flambéed with a yellow-orange flame.

Stroh Jagertee: When the snow of the winter months comes around, there is nothing better than a warm, slightly spiced beverage to warm your bones. Jagertee is a traditional punch made using spices, sugar, and rum. To make this easier, Stroh has blended everything you need into one ready-to-drink concentrate. Just add hot water and enjoy!

Stroh Cream Liqueur: This product takes everything you love about the original Stroh and makes it lighter and creamier. At just 15% alcohol per volume, this product is great in coffee, desserts, or on its own over ice.

Stroh Fire: Made to liven up the party, this spirit is based on a Stroh family recipe from the 19th century. The flavour of Stroh is mixed with real bird’s eye chili to create a unique new product.

Other Relevant Information

As a landlocked country in the middle of the continent of Europe, Austria had limited access to sugarcane. That is why rum began to be produced using sugar beets instead. This rum earned the special distinction of Inländer-Rum to differentiate it from other rums made from sugarcane. Now made from sugar cane molasses, Inländer-Rum has a special designation of origin from the European Union that has declared this to be an Austrian speciality.

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