Russian Standard Vodka

Russian Standard Vodka

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Made in Russia using 100% Russian ingredients, Russian Standard Vodka was founded in 1998, but its roots go back much further. Now available in four different expressions, this brand takes pride in its quest for perfection.


Roustam Tariko founded Russian Standard in 1998. His goal was to craft the perfect vodka. For that, he was inspired by the work of Dmitri Mendeleev, the most famous Russian scientist as well as the inventor of the Periodic Table. Mendeleev’s determination of the perfect balance of water and alcohol was set into law by Tsar Alexander III in 1894. This Russian Empire Standard was the basis on which the recipe for Russian Standard Vodka was built.

After successfully opening in the Russian market, the brand expanded its reach internationally. Now available in more than 80 markets worldwide, this St. Petersburg produced vodka brand will only continue to grow in popularity.

Product Range

The portfolio of products from Russian Standard is made up of the following premium vodkas.

Russian Standard Vodka is the original recipe from the brand. First released in 1998, this vodka uses winter wheat from the Russian Steppes and glacial water from Lake Lagoda to craft this excellent premium spirit.

Russian Standard Platinum, released in 2001, takes the original recipe and refines it even further. This modern vodka is filtered through silver to produce a silky-smooth spirit that is exceptionally clean and clear.

Imperia, released in 2004, is the most luxurious offering from Russian Standard. This vodka is filtered through quartz crystals from the Ural Mountains before being left to rest in relaxation tanks for three whole days before the bottling process begins. This pure vodka is of the highest possible quality to show what true Russian luxury tastes like.

Russian Standard Gold, released in 2008, is a special version of the Russian Standard vodka. It takes the original recipe and adds Siberian ginseng, which is known as the “golden root” in Russian. The addition of ginseng gives this product a unique taste while the rose gold foil label and embossed bottle make it look extra special to match its taste.

Other Relevant Information

The Russian Standard distillery in Saint Petersburg, Russia has a proprietary distillation process that causes the vodka to be distilled more than 200 times before bottling. This state-of-the-art distillery marries science with production, partnering with graduates from St. Petersburg University who are constantly looking for new techniques to improve their vodka as no one has done before. The quest for perfection may be never-ending, but Russian Standard is on its way.

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