Ron Barceló

Ron Barceló

San Pedro De Macoris
Santo Domingo
Dominican Republic
(+08) 093 342 000
(+08) 093 342 000

Ron Barceló begins in 1930 with the dream of Julián Barceló. Born in Mallorca, Spain, who in 1930 founded Barcelo&Co. in the city of Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic.

The Barceló brand soon became a fundamental reference between the local rum, and its growth created the largest and most prestigious Dominican enterprises.

In the 80's, Ron Barceló topped the national list of favorite rums and the company also realized that his destiny was to jump the borders of the Caribbean and America, and launched in 1992 the internationalization process with very satisfactory.

In 1994 it was exported to over 10 countries and its main Spanish market.

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