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Remy Cointreau

Remy Cointreau

21, Bd Haussmann
Paris (ZIP Code 75009)
Paris , Nouvelle-Aquitaine
01 44 13 44 13

Rémy Cointreau is a French company which is based in Paris. The Rémy Cointreau Group is in charge of a varied portfolio of excellent spirits, all of which offer their customers glimpses into the unique heritage and culture of their products.


The beginnings of the Rémy Cointreau Group can be traced back to Cognac, France in 1724. This is the year in which the Rémy Martin company was founded, starting its production of cognac fine champagnes.

In 1990, the Rémy Cointreau Group was formed as the result of a merger between the holding companies in charge of Rémy Martin and Cointreau. This, along with the further partnerships formed with other companies which deal with wines and spirits along the same lines as Rémy Martin and Cointreau, has brought the group where it is today: a provider of high-quality much sought-after worldwide spirits.

Product Range

The Rémy Cointreau portfolio has been selected to include the best ingredients from the best lands, produced by the most expert men and women, to create exceptional products for exceptional moments. In its portfolio, the group offers the following brands, each of which has its own distinct personality:

  • Cointreau (a French liqueur).
  • Metaxa (a Greek spirit).
  • Mount Gay (a Barbados rum).
  • St-Rémy (a French brandy).
  • Bruichladdich (a single malt Scotch whisky).
  • Port Charlotte (a single malt Scotch whisky).
  • Octomore (a single malt Scotch whisky).
  • Westland (an American single malt whiskey).
  • Domaine des Hautes Glaces (a French organic single malt whiskey).
  • The Botanist (a Scottish gin).

All of these products are perfect to be enjoyed on any occasion, be it normal or extraordinary. Each spirit can be mixed and married in different manners to please or surprise any palate.

Other Relevant Information

What links all of these seemingly distinct products together as one family of spirits is what they have in common: the love of the terroir and the mastery gained over time. All of the brands in the Rémy Cointreau Group make use of the best land that nature has to offer to grow the best ingredients to craft their spirits from. Each of the brands also takes advantage of its own creative souls, people with generations of experience and masters of their trades. Finally, all of these brands show distinct longevity. There is something eternal about a distillery which has been around since 1724 such as Rémy Martin or since 1849 like Cointreau. Each of the products in the group's portfolio knows the importance that time and ageing have in making the perfect product.

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