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La Rioja, La Rioja

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about Remelluri

The origin of the farm Remelluri is lost in the mists of time. A necropolis in the center of the property indicates the existence of a village in the 10th century.

The monks left Remelluri in the fifteenth century, the shrine is maintained by hermits who worship well into the nineteenth century. The oldest account book kept in the City of Labastida, dated 1596, and annually review and until the last century's contribution came in cans of Our Lady of Remelluri Farm.

A landowner acquires Labastida Remelluri core, keeping the vineyard. This property, of approximately 20 hectares, arrives intact until 1967, being acquired this year by the industrialist Jaime Rodriguez Salis Gipuzkoa. Since then over four decades, the Granja Nuestra Señora de Remelluri regains their former lands, and currently has 154 hectares, 105 of which constitute a restored vineyard source wines Remelluri.


Remelluriis in the northernmost part of the Rioja Alavesa, well protected from prevailing winds and frost. 154 hectares of clay-calcareous soil, 105 of which are their vineyard. With a unique microclimate and a perfect angle and tilt at noon.

This land is so peculiar that gives personality to your wine. These soils are poor, stony, with clay layers that retain the freshness and moisture. All this promotes a ripe fruit with finesse and balance. The Atlantic influence climate provides abundant rainfall and temperature averages lower than in the rest of the name. The alternation of cold nights and warm days is offered ideal conditions for good phenolic ripeness of the grape Tempranillo.

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Location and other information

City: Labastida (ZIP Code 01330)
Location: La Rioja, La Rioja
Country: Spain
Phone: (+34) 945 331 801