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Quinta do Vale Meão

Quinta do Vale Meão

Quinta Do Vale Meão
Vila Nova De Foz Côa (ZIP Code 5150)
Douro, Guarda
+351 279 762 156
+351 279 762 207

In 1877 D. Antónia Adelaide Ferreira, already owner of the largest agricultural heritage of the Douro, bought in a public auction 300 hectares of virgin land to the VN chamber of Foz Côa. Her dream was to build from scratch a model exploration, materializing in her all the vast experience accumulated throughout her life as a businesswoman from Douro.

This ambitious project was totally carried out between 1887 and 1895. It was the last and most significant achievement of that Lady, who however little of it enjoyed, since it died in 1896.

Since then the farm has always remained in the possession of its descendants. From the 70's his trinete Francisco Javier de Olazabal took over his management and began a long process of acquiring undivided parts of his relatives and co-owners, and in 1994 he became, along with his sons, sole proprietor of Quinta. Until then the Quinta's grapes were sold to the company AA Ferreira SA, founded by the descendants of D. Antonia, and were at the base of some of its best wines. This connection continued until 1998, the year in which Francisco Javier de Olazabal decided to resign as president of A.A., Ferreira SA to dedicate, along with its son, winemaker Francisco de Olazabal y Nicolau de Almeida, to the production, aging and commercialization of the wines of the farm, through the creation of the company F. Olazabal & Filhos, Lda.

From the 1980s, a significant conversion of the vineyard was carried out, partly as a result of the expropriation of the lands submerged by the Valeira dam. The new vineyards were planted in fields with separate grape varieties, with the Touriga Nacional being preferred, a caste until then almost abandoned in the Douro, due to its small productivity and difficult cultivation, but which proved to be particularly well adapted to the soil and climatic characteristics of the Douro Superior, contributing greatly to the quality and originality of Quinta's wines. Given that the Quinta's lands have different geological characteristics - shale, granite and alluvium - we have tried to take advantage of this diversity in order to guarantee its complexity.

It is our purpose to exploit to the maximum, for the sake of the originality and complexity of our wines, the combination of the different traditional Douro varieties, from separate plots and the different styles that result from the geological variety of our soils.

We also favor the combination of traditional method of vinification in wineries with modern technologies. For this purpose, the 100-year-old Adega dos Novos was restored and totally refurbished, respecting its beautiful architectural design and restoring the imposing wineries.

In 2007 was also recovered the Adega da Barca Velha, dedicated exclusively to the storage of Port Wine.

The management of the company is entrusted to Francisco Javier de Olazabal, who has a long experience in the wine sector of Porto and Douro, and his sons Francisco, enologist responsible for the technical area and Luisa, responsible for the commercial and marketing area.

They are supported by a young and motivated team, consisting of André Guedes in the area of ​​viticulture, Marcela Brites in the area of ​​oenology, Frederico Lobão in the administrative and logistic area, Pedro Calheiros Lobo in Exportação and Mário Passeira as responsible for the winery.

The first wines released were those of 1999 which were very well received by international critics

and by the connoisseurs, as happened with the next harvests.

Get to know our wines now.

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