Quinta do Progresso

Quinta do Progresso

Quinta de Progresso is a Portuguese winemaker from the Alentejo region. Its core values are transparency, ethics, and responsibility.


Quinta do Progresso is the product of a partnership formed with a wine producer in the Alentejo region. This goal of the company upon founding, which remains to date, is to promote Portuguese wines internationally. Smaller producers can find an ambassador in Quinta do Progresso, who often adds new wines to its portfolio from these smaller producers. This enables the smaller producers to gain more recognition and more sales, both domestically and internationally.

Product Range

The company offers a varied portfolio of Portuguese wines. These wines offer an excellent relationship between price and quality. The following is a general outline of the current wines offered by the company. It will be exciting to see what they come out with in the future.

The Castelomor range of wines from Quinta do Progresso is made up of three varieties: Castelomor Tinto (red), Castelomor Branco (white), and Castelomor Reserva (a reserve red).

Montes Lisos is available as Montes Lisos Colheita Branco (harvest white) and Montes Lisos Tinto (red).

Flor de Lis is a range of sparkling wines from Quinta do Progresso. Flor de Lis Doce Espumante (sweet sparkling), Flor de Lis Bruto (brut), Flor de Lis Meio Seco (demi-sec), and Flor de Lis Rosé. A reserve red wine is also offered in the Flor de Lis portfolio of wines.

Terras d'Elmano is a reserve red wine from the Quinta de Progresso made using regional Touriga Nacional, Touriga Franca, and Tinta Roriz grapes.

Other Relevant Information

The Alentejo region is a large wine region which comprises about one-third of the territory of Portugal. Located in the southeast corner of the country, this region is bordered by Spain on the east and the Algarve to the south. The majority of the territory in this region is made up of rolling plains that are protected from the harsh Atlantic climate. The red wines from this region, in general, are more well-known. The hot, dry climate is perfect for making red wines that are easy to drink and yet rich at the same time. The white grapes produced here tend to be more on the acidic side. Alentejo is a wine region that has been undergoing a renaissance over the past couple of decades. This upward path that region is steadily formulating for itself is allowing it to offer better and better wines at great prices.

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