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Pio Cesare

Pio Cesare

Via Cesare Balbo 6
Alba (ZIP Code 12051)
Piemonte, Piemonte
(+39) 0173 440386
(+39) 0173 363680

The Pio Cesare winery was founded in 1881 by our great great-grandfather Cesare Pio. He was one of the very first wine producers to believe in the great potential and quality of Barolo, Barbaresco, Barbera and in the other great wines of Piemonte. Cesare Pio, in the second portion of 1800s, was among the very first winemakers to produce these wines with a philosophy that was dedicated to the terroir and the strictest quality of the wine.Giuseppe Pio

For five generations, the Pio Cesare family has been producing traditional Piemontese wines in its ancient cellars, located in the center of the town of Alba.. The cellars walls date back to the Roman Empire period , 50 B.C. Recently, significant investments have been made to rebuild and restructure the cellars and the winery's facilities.

A new fermentation cellar was built with a new racking by gravity area and a new barrel ageing room, 12 meters underneath the existing building and the Roman Walls. A brand new bottling and labelling equipment was installed in a newly built portion of the winery

Pio Cesare owns more than 50 hectares (130 acres) of vineyards, located in the most highly rated and better exposed areas. Within the Barolo region, the "Ornato" Estate and the "Colombaro" Vineyard ( in Serralunga d'Alba), the "Gustava" Estate ( in Grinzane Cavour), the "Roncaglie" (in La Morra) and "Ravera" (Barolo- Novello). Within the Barbaresco territory, the "Il Bricco" Estate and the "San Stefanetto" Vineyard in Treiso Other selected vineyards are located in the communes of Diano d'Alba, Sinio and Trezzo.

In addition to is own vineyards, Pio Cesare has fostered long-term relationships with growers for several generations and manages all aspects of viticulture in these vineyards. These growers have been selling grapes to the family for generations.

The wines are fermented and aged using both modern winemaking techniques in tandem with the most traditional methods of the region. After an appropriate ageing in large casks and barriques of different French oaks the wines are bottle-aged before their release.All these elements contribute to the continuously high quality of the wines of Pio Cesare, while paying tribute to the vines and to the terroir.

The production of the wines of Pio Cesare is intentionally limited in order to maintain their high quality. Year after year, the wines are ranked among the world's best and most highly regarded.

The winery's dedication to quality and respect for tradition and terroir, has allowed Pio Cesare to reach a prominent position among the wine producers of Piemonte. The wines are found in the top restaurants and hotels around the world and are known and respected by the finest wine lovers and collectors.

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