Doctor Pasteur, 6
VIlafranca Del Penedès (ZIP Code 08720)
Barcelona, Catalonia
(+34) 938 903 066
(+34) 938 170 979

In 1942, Jose Maria Tits created the current winery Vilafranca installing it, just four miles from the farm winery original.Esta is the inheritor of the traditional family, growing since its opening and now becoming one of the most renowned wineries processors across the country.

Soon these wines first began to earn name and prestige, given its high quality of processing. Since then, year after year and generation after generation, the family vineyards have been growing native varieties have evolved considerably, and the family name has been linked to the Penedès wine in a way inseparable.

Currently Pinord has facilities capable of manufacturing more than five million bottles a year, while retaining the hallmark of family production.Our group of winemakers and a laboratory quality control and equipped with modern means, make it compatible today, the ancient family tradition with the most exacting quality control, processing and health, making sure that the artisanal methods are at odds with the most rigorous control scales.

Pinord Winery is a family business that has long winemaking tradition. Currently three generations work together, with the invaluable support of dedicated professionals contribute to the production and aging of wines and champagnes, nor can we forget the fifty employees involved in the sale and distribution of our products.

In Vilafranca wineries are located, where is the development, aging and bottling of our products in the vicinity of the town are the vineyards of our ancestors, which we have incorporated others over time .

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