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Pérez Barquero

Pérez Barquero

Avda. De Andalucia, 27
Montilla (ZIP Code 14550)
Córdoba, Andalusia
(+34) 957 650 500
(+34) 957 650 208

Our vineyards are located in two areas of superior quality of the Denomination of Origin: albariza are the lands of the Sierra de Montilla and Moriles Altos, whose special texture allows optimal ripening of the grapes and the production of "musts "Amazing quality.

For liqueur wines Pérez Barquero acquire the outstanding qualities that distinguish the albariza texture of the soil, the richness and delicacy of the grape and the unique climate of Andalusia, is necessary to add a natural aging process.

In the Cellars-true cathedrals in its structure, stillness and magnificence, after a rigorous selection is "sprayed" the wine in American oak barrels lined up in breakers.

A craft tradition, Perez Barquero added cutting edge technology, which makes a perfect conservation of our wines for a long time after leaving foster their natural environment.

Cold treatment for bitartrate precipitation, inerting, pasteurization, microfiltration and strict quality controls fully guarantee the stability of our wines.

The bottling takes place in an environment of maximum asepsis in very modern facilities, equipped with the most advanced techniques, which represent the ultimate guarantee, pre-market wines.

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