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Pedro Domecq

Pedro Domecq

San Idelfonso 3
Jerez De La Frontera (ZIP Code 11403)
+34 956 151 500
+34 956 338 674

Pedro Domecq is a winery based in the famous Jerez region in the south of Spain. This Andalusian brand was active from 1822 until it was bought out and sold off to various companies in the 2000s. The flagship products of the brand can still be enjoyed and are still being produced by the companies that bought the rights to them. Part of the winery itself in the Jerez region is now a museum with artefacts from the history to brandy on display.


Pedro Domecq Lembeye left France and founded the Spanish company which still carries his name in 1822. Before that, he worked in England for a sherry buyer where he learned about the trade that would become his life’s work. His company began to craft sherry wines, steadily increasing in popularity. King Ferdinand VII even visited the winery in 1823, making Pedro Domecq his provider of sherry wine. King Alfonso XIII also visited the winery in 1904 and again, in the company of his wife, in 1915.

The company remained family-run until 1994. It became part of the Pernod Ricard group in 2005 before being partitioned off to buyers around the world. In 2008, Osborne bought the Domecq winery along with the rights to its brandies and sherries. In 2016, González Byass bought the rights to the brands ""Domecq"" and ""Pedro Domecq"".

Product Range

At its peak, Pedro Domecq offered a wide range of wines and liquors. While these have all been sold off to disparate companies, some of the most well-known are listed below.

  • Fundador: The first Spanish brandy ever created, this brandy that is beautifully aged using the traditional Criaderas and Soleras system. Its Solera was created in 1874.
  • Carlos I: With a Solera founded in 1889, this brandy is an intense amber colour. It is aged, dry, and persistent in the mouth.
  • Carlos I Imperial: This higher quality version of Carlos I is fine, rich, and very balanced. Its Solera was first created in 1889.
  • Carlos III: An amber-coloured brandy whose Solera was first laid down in 1904, this is a balanced and smooth spirit.
  • La Ina: This Fino sherry is very subtle in the nose and balanced in the mouth. It has a great amount of character with a long finish.
  • Río Viejo: An aged Oloroso wine that is very dry and very powerful. It is full of nuance and a deep amber colour.
  • Other Relevant Information

    Pedro Domecq Loustau was responsible for the creation of Fundador, which was the first Spanish brandy. Its creation was completely accidental and also extremely successful.

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