Passport Scotch Distilleries

Passport Scotch Distilleries

Speyside, Scotland
United Kingdom

Passport Scotch Distilleries forms part of one of the world's largest spirit-selling groups, Diageo. The master blender from Chivas Brothers, Jimmy Lang, created this smooth and sweet Scotch whisky for the Seagram's Distillery in the early 1970ies.

When Pernod Ricard took over the Chivas Brothers' assets of Seagram's, the Passport blend was included into one of the 18 Local Brands within the Pernod family.

The key markets for Passport Scotch are Brazil, Angola, Mexico, India, Russia and Eastern Europe. From its beginnings on, this whisky was designed with a lighter, fruitier and smoother character aiming at the export market.

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