Olmeca Tequila

Olmeca Tequila

Río Tiber 29, Colonia Cuauhtémoc
Delegación Cuauhtémoc (ZIP Code 06500 )

Owned by the Pernod Ricard Group, Olmeca Tequila is a Mexican tequila from the Los Altos region, which is the Highlands of the Mexican State of Jalisco. Among other things, this region is famous for its tequila production. The bright red volcanic soil nourishes the blue agave while its high mineral content helps to encourage the growth of sugar-rich agave plants.


Olmeca Tequila was launched in 1967 when Seagram’s bought a tequila distillery in the town of Jalisco. In 1994, the company began building a new distillery on a 56-hectare site near the high-altitude Los Altos region. Finished in 1997, the distillery, named the “Destilería Colonial de Jalisco”, was built for the express purpose of crafting premium tequilas.

In 2001, the Pernod Ricard Group took over control of Seagram’s tequila brands. Realizing the potential in this brand, the group began to actively promote Olmeca, managing to achieve a constant yearly increase in sales. Olmeca Tequila can now be found in over 80 different countries, leading the market in a number of them. It is the Number 1 tequila in Russia, Turkey, and South Africa.

Product Range

There are currently five tequilas offered by Olmeca:

  • Olmeca Blanco is a young tequila that is distilled using only copper pot stills to achieve a clean, fresh flavour. This young white tequila is bottled immediately after distillation.* Olmeca Reposado is a sweet and smoky golden tequila that earns its name of reposado, which means rested in Spanish, thanks to eight months spent ageing in American white oak casks that were previously used for bourbon.* Olmeca Gold is a golden tequila that gives the best of both worlds. This blend of young and aged tequilas offers the fresh notes of young tequila along with the wooden notes of a tequila that has been aged in American white oak barrels.* Olmeca Añejo is a golden tequila that is full of the aromas of fruit, such as strawberries, cherries, prunes, and limes. Its woody aroma and flavour is earned through 18 months spent slowly ageing in 200-litre American oak casks that were previously used for bourbon.* Olmeca Dark Chocolate is a dreamy combination of the rich flavour of dark chocolate, mixed with the herbal tones of tequila.

Other Relevant Information

The brand is named after the Olmecs, who was the first major civilization that we know of in Mesoamerica. They lived in Mexico from around 1500 BC to 400 BC. The illustration of a helmeted man on the label is based on the colossal head statues that the Olmecs left throughout Mexico. The label also features the Tahona stone used to crush the agave and make tequila.

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