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Old St Andrews

Old St Andrews

Unit E1 & E2 Chaucer Business Park
Sevenoaks, Kent
United Kingdom
+44 (0)1732 761106
+44 (0)1732 76110

Old St Andrews has served as a blender in the whisky world for over 75 years. It was only recently that the brand began to distil its own spirits, thus offering more whisky options for its blenders to utilize. The years spent blending whiskies have served to enhance Old St Andrews skills as a distiller. After starting by distilling only whisky, the brand has expanded into the worlds of gin and vodka as well.


While the company has been around for at least 75 years, Old St Andrews came into popularity on the golf courses of the 1970s and 1980s thanks to its unique golf ball-shaped bottle. This package perfectly weds the two great loves of Scotland: golf and whisky. The name of the brand is taken from the famous St Andrews golf course, which has been around since 1400 AD.

Product Range

Old St Andrews two ranges of Scotch whisky along with a plain gin, a flavoured gin, and a vodka.

Clubhouse is Old St Andrews’ signature whisky. This premium blended Scotch whisky is made out of a special mix of malt and grain whisky. This is a highly popular gift item and can often be found in tax-free stores, golf courses, and gift stores around the world. Clubhouse whisky is available in several different sizes.

The blended malt Scotch whisky range comes in three different expressions: Twilight, Fireside, and Nightcap. The secret recipe for each of these blended malts requires 12 to 18 single malts that are specifically chosen for their complementary nature. These malts come from the whisky regions of Speyside, Highland, Islay, and the Islands, giving both diversity and flavour to the final blend. Half of the malt whisky is matured in bourbon casks and the other half in sherry wood casks.

Pink 47 gin is a quadruple-distilled London Dry gin. This small-batch gin is made using 10 different botanicals. Its name comes from its final alcohol content of 47%. Pink Royal gin uses Pink 47 gin as a base, which it infuses with the flavours of raspberries, cranberries, and blackberries.

Blue 42 vodka is made from English wheat. Triple distilled and triple filtered, its name comes from its final 42% alcohol content.

Other Relevant Information

All of the whiskies are available in glass bottles shaped like golf balls. The gins and vodka come in beautiful diamond-shaped glass bottles. The Twilight blended malt is available in either the diamond- or golf ball-shaped bottle.

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