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Old Bushmills Distillery

Old Bushmills Distillery

2 Distillery Rd
Antrim (ZIP Code BT57 8XH)
County Antrim, Northern Ireland
United Kingdom
+44 28 2073 3218
+44 28 2073 3218

Bushmill's history starts in 1608, when King James I. granted Sir Thomas Phillips - landowner and Governor of Antrum - a license to distill. In 1784 the distillery is registered and the Pot Still becomes its trademark. The first big difference adds in the 1850's, when a malt tax is introduced. Because of this tax many distilleries changed their recipes, while Bushmill's didn't. The brand was unstoppable, although many obstacles - such as a big fire, prohibition and World War II - made life hard and decreased or even stopped production for a while.

But in 2008 Bushmill's celebrated its 400th anniversary and today is one of the most famous and most popular whiskey brands all across the globe. Rockstars, Hollywood actors and other famous people helped making the name as famous as it is today. To name some: Bon Iver, Elijah Wood and Chromeo were happy to join the Bushmill's world of whiskey.

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