Millahue De Apalta
Santa Cruz, Casablanca Valley
(56-72) 2817815

Montes was founded in 1987 by Aurelio Montes and Douglas Murray, both highly experienced wine professionals and joined by Alfredo Vidaurre and Pedro Grand in 1988. The 1987 version of this Cabernet Sauvignon was the first ‘premium’ wine to be exported from Chile, and it very quickly opened up opportunities for us and others in Chile. Then followed the cherished Alphas Chardonnay, Merlot and Syrah. From the beginning, Montes Alpha was to be a brand synonymous with premium quality from Chile.

Their obsession with making the best wines led Montes to become a pioneer in Apalta Valley, to plant vineyards on the hillsides, to being the first to plant Syrah in Colchagua, and to introduce innovative methods always aimed at quality production. Results came more quickly than expected: the first Chilean ‘Ultra-Premium’ (or ‘Super Chilean’ or ‘Icon’), Montes Alpha ‘M’ 1996 (in classic Bordeaux style); followed by another that has become a luxury wine: Montes Folly 2000 (pure Syrah, with very limited production) and lastly, Purple Angel (92% Carmenère), launched in 2005.

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