Molinari as a word that is now synonymous with Sambuca. As the company is such an institution in the world of Sambuca, it seems as though it would have been around for quite a long time. But Molinari was founded in 1945 and did not begin mass production until 1959. Not that it matters. Molinari Sambuca Extra is as good as it has ever been and will be sticking around for a long time to come.


Angelo Molinari established his company in 1945. An experienced crafter of liqueurs, Angelo Molinari used that experience to craft his premium Sambuca Extra. While the product slowly gained popularity in Italy, it continued to be produced by artisans using the traditional methods of fabrication.

Sambuca Extra became popular enough for the first manufacturing plant to be established in 1959, with a second plant following not long after in 1964. Since then, Sambuca Extra has only continued to gain popularity. The company remains family-owned, now under the management of the second and third generations of the Molinari family.

Product Range

The Molinari company currently has only two products to its name.

Molinari Extra is the original product to bring the Molinari company so much success. This crystal-clear liqueur is an anise-flavoured delight. While the recipe is and will forever remain secret, it does require star anise, sugar, herbs, and fine spices to craft the perfectly balanced flavour and premium quality that the world has come to love.

Molinari Caffè is a mixture of the delicious anise of Molinari’s Sambuca with a specially selected blend of coffee. This espresso-coloured spirit has a lot of personality as well as flavour. It is perfect on its own, in cocktails, or even as a topping on desserts.

Other Relevant Information

In Italy, there are a number of traditional ways to drink Molinari Sambuca Extra:

  • 1. Enjoy it alone, at room temperature.

  • 2. Try it frozen. This is especially refreshing during the hot summer months.

  • 3. Enjoy it “con la mosca”, which means with a fly. In Italy, this is a glass of Molinari Sambuca with a coffee bean thrown on top. Since it looks like a dead fly, you can guess where the name came from.

  • 4. Add a bit of Molinari to your espresso. This long-standing tradition was probably the inspiration behind the creation of Molinari Caffè.

  • 5. Molinari on the rocks in a perfect drink to sip slowly in the hotter months of the year.

  • 6. Instead of mixing Molinari into your espresso, you can have it on the side. Alternating between sips of hot, strong espresso and cool, bright Sambuca is the best of both worlds.
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