Mast Jägermeister

Mast Jägermeister

Jägermeisterstraße 7 - 15
Wolfenbüttel (ZIP Code 38296)
Wolfenbüttel, Niedersachsen
+49 5331 81-0

1897 brought the birth of Wilhelm Mast’s son Curt – the man who was to invent Jägermeister 37 years later.

Curt Mast was fascinated by the manufacture of spirits. It took a while for Curt Mast to find the right formula. Launched in Germany in 1935, Jägermeister quickly developed over subsequent years to become a popular spirit. At the same time, Curt Mast expanded the company’s product portfolio adding Schlehenfeuer. Today, these two branded spirits Schlehenfeuer and Jägermeister still constitute the entire Mast-Jägermeister SE product range.

The Jägermeister is the herbal liquor by excellence, including no less than 56 herbs, fruits and spices which all contribute to the uniqueness of the taste. On the other hand, the Schlehenfeuer is a mix of rum and sloe juice. If the former is widespread worldwide, the latter remains produced in small batches and is only sold in Germany.

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