Via Montegrappa, 37
Moncalieri (ZIP Code 10024)
Torino, Piemonte

Malfy Gin is an Italian gin produced by Torino Distillati and distributed by Pernod Ricard Torino Distillati was founded in 1906 and is owned by the Vergnano family. Malfy Gin's head office is located in Moncalieri in the province of Turin, an area world-famous for the production of wines and spirits. Today Malfy products are exported to more than 40 countries all over the world.


The history of this brand is relatively young. In 2015 the company Biggar & Leith - whose aim is to develop and distribute spirits and liqueurs produced by small European family businesses - contacted the Vergnano family, who have been distilling gin since the 1970s. In 2019 Pernod Ricard acquired the brand.

Products from Malfy

Malfy Gin is an Italian product and is 100% produced in the region of Piemont.

  • Malfy Gin Original is distilled from wild juniper and enriched with water from the Monviso, where the highest water source in Italy is located. The colours on the label suggest a snow-capped mountain peak, and the bottom of the bottle is inspired by the colour of high mountain lakes.

  • Malfy Gin con Limone is the perfect combination of Malfy Gin and the best lemons from the Amalfi Coast. It is a unique gin that is remarkably reminiscent of the famous limoncello. It is characterised by the balance between the aromas of juniper, lemon and coriander.

  • Malfy Gin Rosa contains the addition of Sicilian grapefruit and Italian rhubarb.

  • Malfy Gin con Arancia is made from Sicilian blood oranges.

The production of the flavoured variants starts with the maceration of lemon, orange or grapefruit peel in Italian alcohol. The peels are then pressed to extract all the aromas and essential oils necessary for distillation. Finally, steam distillation is carried out.


Malfy is the first Italian gin exported to the United States. Although gin is believed to be a distillate invented in the 17th century in the Netherlands, the Vergnano family claims that monks in Italy were already distilling juniper-based medicinal liqueurs around 1050.

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