Lis Neris

Lis Neris

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Reality among the most fascinating and dynamic not only of the Isonzo, Lis Neris has been able to establish itself over time thanks to a talent probably unique in being able to read not only its territory and its historical varieties, but also different styles and vines, centering each time the shot. The merit is all of Alvaro Pecorari, owner and soul of this important winery. We are in Gorizia, one of the most fascinating and controversial border cities in Europe. A place capable, thanks to a unique cultural melting pot, to express products of great character. If it is true that the roots of Lis Neris sink in the previous four generations, it is also true that the year of the turning point was 1981, when a new production mentality began to take shape, aimed at achieving a higher quality, true leitmotiv of every wine by Alvaro Pecorari.

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