Le Clos des Fées

Le Clos des Fées

69 Rue Mal Joffre
Vingrau (ZIP Code 66600)
Perpignan, Occitanie
+33 4 68 29 40 00
+33 4 68 29 03 84

The vocation of Hervé Bizeul was already drawn. Already at the age of 21, he won the contest for the Best Young Sommelier of France. A few years later, he opened a wine bar in the French capital, then launched, 5 years later, in a journalistic career, first in wine and then in gastronomy.

In 1997, he settled in a lost village and nestled in an imposing limestone circus in the heart of the most mountainous area of ​​the Roussillon vineyard, Vingrau, and bought a few acres of vines to take care of the week-end. At this time, he meets his wife Claudine, from the island of Reunion, and convinces her to embark on a crazy adventure wine. Thus in 1998, without money, the domain is created.

Initially, the idea was to produce wine for pure pleasure, for friends and therefore obviously without financial stakes. Starting from this postulate, they develop a first vintage without any means (the first cuvées are pressed in a linen), but with a lot of passion.Noticed from the first harvest, the wines are immediately a great success. They are also exported today worldwide.

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