La Spinetta

La Spinetta

Via Annunziata 17
Castagnole Lanze (ZIP Code 14054)
Asti, Piemonte
+39 0141 877396
+39 0141 877566

The history of La Spinetta began in 1977 when the Rivetti family moved to La Spinetta translated the "up the hill" in Castagnole Lanze, in the heart of the appellation Moscato d'Asti in Piedmont, Italy.

The family believes in the strong potential of Moscato and produced the first parcel. Today Bruno, Giorgio and Carlo, the son, lead the field.

In 1985 La Spinetta, is developing its first red wines. Cà Di Pian and in 1989 the brothers Rivetti Pin develops (in honor of their father). Then come the Barbaresco and Barbera d'Asti.

In 2001 La Spinetta expands and acquires 65 hectares of vineyards, 100% Sangiovese, Tuscany. Gradually, the portfolio has expanded in Tuscany with developing a Colorino, Vermentino, there Prugnolo Chianti.

The philosophy of Rivetti is unequivocal. To make a good wine, 90% of the work is done in the vineyard and only 10% in the cellar. The wines are a faithful expression of the terroir. Respect the land and the environment is essential. 75% of the vineyard is run biodynamically. Also, each vintage brand wines.

The wines of La Spinetta are also known for their labels. The best known is certainly the one with the rhinoceros. A design that dates from 1515.

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