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La Martiniquaise

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La Martiniquaise is a French company that specializes in the production and distribution of quality wine and spirits both domestically and internationally. Currently reaching more than 110 countries worldwide, La Martiniquaise is the owner of four brands which have sold more than one million nine-litre cases: Label 5, Sir Edward’s, Poliakov, and Negrita.


La Martiniquaise started out in France in 1934 as a rum distributor. Jean Cayard founded the company for that express purpose. It would not be until 12 years later, in 1946, that the company broadened its portfolio to include the import and distribution of other spirits, including cognac, calvados, kirsch, Madeira, port and sweet wines. Through a lot of time and effort, the company slowly began to acquire its own production facilities around the world, so rather than simply supplying brands, it was also crafting them. Today, La Martiniquaise is the tenth largest wine and spirit distributor in the world.

Product Range

There are five main pillars which make up the portfolio of brands at La Martiniquaise. These five groups are whiskies, rums, wines & ports, white spirits, and traditional French spirits. The company is especially invested in the proper ageing of its products to ensure that its customers are satisfied, in particular for their Scotch whisky, rum, port, brandy, calvados, and Armagnac.

The company’s whisky collection includes a variety of brands from different countries and in different styles, such as Label 5, Cutty Sark, Glen Moray, Old Virginia, Sam Barton, Glen Turner.

While they may have started out as a rum distributor, now there are only a few rums in the company’s portfolio. Both Saint James and Rivière Du Mât would be excellent additions to any rum lover’s collection.

The wines and ports section begins with the best-selling port worldwide: Porto Cruz. The company also offers the iconic French aperitif St Raphaël Quinquina.

Poliakov, the number one vodka in France, heads off the white spirits collection. Gibson’s London Dry gin and Tiscaz tequila are part of this group as well.

Finally, a French company must have traditional French spirits. Busnel, Saint-Vivant, Floranis, Duval, Courcel, Casanis, and Avèze offer a fine selection of all of the traditional French spirits.

Other Relevant Information

With such a wide-ranging portfolio, La Martiniquaise is sure to have something for everyone. The company is committed to tradition while using modern technology whenever possible to meet demand. This customer-centred company is always ready to listen to what the public wants and to offer them what they need.

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