Irish Distillers Group

Irish Distillers Group

The Irish Distillers Group is part of the fine portfolio of products at Pernod Ricard. The company is now considered the largest supplier of spirits and wines in Ireland.


The Irish Distillers Group was created in 1966. This happened when the Cork Distilleries Company, John Jameson & Son, and John Power & Son distilleries all came together under one roof, literally. The three member companies moved from their existing distilleries to a new one in Midleton, in County Cork in southeast Ireland. Bushmills joined the group in 1972, even though it would later be sold to Diageo in 2005.

Pernod Ricard took over the Irish Distillers Group in 1988.

Product Range

The majority of the products produced by the Irish Distillers Group are Irish whiskeys:

  • Jameson Irish Whiskey: First produced in 1780, this blended Irish whiskey comes in many different expressions. This is the number one Irish whiskey in the world.
  • Powers Irish Whiskey: This historic product was the first Irish whiskey to be bottled. This single pot still Irish whiskey is available in several different releases, which vary in age and cask type.
  • Redbreast Irish Whiskey: Redbreast is a single pot still Irish whiskey. This award-winning product is currently available in five different variations, with different ages and casks. Select limited editions have been released and may still be available on the market even though they are not currently in production.
  • Midleton Irish Whiskey: This range is named after the town in which the Irish Distillers Group’s distillery can be found. The Midleton Very Rare whisky began as a blend to celebrate the wide variety of whiskeys found at the new distillery. Since then, special single pot still editions of Midleton have been released as well.
  • Green Spot: This single pot still Irish whiskey is produced exclusively for Mitchell & Son of Dublin, Ireland. Only 12,000 bottles of this whiskey are produced each year. Its sister whiskey, Yellow Spot, was recently reintroduced in 2012.
  • Outside of the whiskey range, the company also produces gin, vodka, and beer:

  • Huzzar Vodka: The second bestselling brand of vodka in Ireland, this pure grain vodka is triple distilled and filtered through silver birch charcoal.
  • Cork Dry Gin: First introduced in 1793, this is the bestselling gin in Ireland. It is triple distilled and has a unique, refreshing flavour.
  • Method and Madness Gin: This Irish gin is micro-distilled in small batches with 16 hand-selected botanicals.
  • Eight Degrees Brewing: Bought by the Irish Distillers Group in 2018, this exciting range of Irish craft beers is full of flavour and innovation.
  • Other Relevant Information

    The Irish Distillers Group currently exports to over 130 countries around the world.

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