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Illva Saronno

Illva Saronno

Illva Saronno, whose most well-known product is the world’s favourite Italian liqueur – Disaronno – is also the home to a fine line of classic and modern Italian spirits. With Tia Maria, Rabarbaro Zucca, Limoncello, Amaro 18 Isolabella, and more, this one company offers all the spirits you need to for that true Italian flavour.


The history of Illva Saronno goes back as far as that of Disaronno, which traces its roots back to 1525. In the 20th century, this liqueur began to be produced and marketed to the public. The success of Disaronno led to the foundation of Illva Saronno (Industria, Lombarda, Liquori, Vini, and Affini) on 23 July 1947 as Disaronno moved out of the workshop and into the Italian mainstream. Since then, the company has only grown and expanded, both at home and abroad.

Product Range

All of the brands in the Illva Saronno portfolio are made in Italy. They show how traditional recipes can be made with a modern flair, offering high-quality results that offer exciting possibilities for today’s bartenders and consumers.
  • Disaronno: The world’s favourite Italian liqueur can trace its roots back to 1525. Bitter almonds and Madagascar vanilla give this spirit its unique personality.
  • Tia Maria: A coffee liqueur that uses 100% Arabica coffee and Jamaican rum to achieve its delicious flavour.
  • Rabarbaro Zucca: This liqueur has been capturing the flavour of Chinese rhubarb and fine herbs since 1845.
  • Aurum: A unique golden orange liqueur from the Abruzzo region of Italy that is created from oranges and gold.
  • Artic Vodka: Made with pure wheat and double filtered, this vodka is pure and smooth at 38% alcohol by volume.
  • Artic & Fruit: This mixture of 100% grain vodka and fruit is available in seven exciting flavours: strawberry, lemon, melon, peach, ice mint, green mint, and green apple.
  • Techno by Artic: This brightly-coloured, sweet and sour liqueur has an amazing swirl effect and comes in four delicious flavours.
  • Isolabella Sambuca: A full-flavoured, extra-fine sambuca with a distinctive Italian flavour.
  • Mandarinetto Isolabella: A classic sweet liqueur made using Mediterranean mandarins to create a distinct citrus spirit.
  • Limoncello & Mandarinello: These two liqueurs are made according to ancient recipes using carefully selected lemons and mandarins from Sicily.
  • Amaro 18 Isolabella: This very traditional Italian bitter is offered at an extra-strong 30% alcohol by volume, to give a smoother taste to this refreshing classic.
  • Other Relevant Information

    Now available in more than 160 countries worldwide, the company has steadily gathered more fine Italian products in its portfolio to offer them a worldwide presence.

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