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South Tyrol, Trentino-Alto-Adige
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Taking stock of the past ten years I can confidently assert that the exceptional character of our local vineyards and grape varieties is reflected in our wines more than ever. South Tyrol's best-known vines are cultivated in the Hofstätter wine estate.

We even enjoy the unique privilege of owning vineyards in the finest sites on both sides of the Adige River in southern South Tyrol.

However, it is precisely the work in the vineyards which I find the most challenging: decades of monoculture have exhausted the soils, sapped them of their vigour, the vigour which the grapevine needs to stay healthy and unfold its vitality to the full. And today the vine needs vital force more than ever before to withstand the increasingly extreme weather conditions.

The word "terroir" is often bandied about, as if it referred to an established factor, while in reality it is subject to the very same fluctuations that the far-sighted winegrower is confronted with in his daily work. He needs to recognise the elementary preconditions necessary for vines to yield superlative, distinctive, unmistakable wines, cultivating, fine-tuning and focusing his methods.

This is the only way to enhance the quality of grapes in a vineyard which has always produced excellent fruit. I am striving to attain this without advance knowledge of the extent to which the world-wide ecological challenges are to be surmounted in a small organism such as a vineyard.

I am confident that a workable solution will be found!

Martin Foradori

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