Hiram Walker & Sons

Hiram Walker & Sons

Riverside Drive East
Windsor (ZIP Code N8Y 4S5)
Ontario , Ontario
(519) 254-5171

The Canadian spirits company Hiram Walker & Sons Limited is a wholly owned subsidiary of the French group Pernod-Ricard. It is also the majority shareholder of another Canadian spirits company, Corby Spirit and Wine Limited.

A bit of history

Hiram Walker is an American entrepreneur and landowner, originally from Boston, Massachusetts, but based in Detroit where he owns a vinegar factory. One day, he decides to cross the Detroit river to settle in the Windsor area in Canadian Ontario where he opens his first distillery in 1858. He is one of the first in Canada to start distilling.

Wishing to improve the living conditions of his employees, Hiram Walker built houses around the distillery. A real small town starts to be born which he names Walkerville. Already concerned about the environment, he founded the Walkerville Farm, which was used to recycle rye leftovers from his whisky factory to feed cows and pigs. Today, Hiram Walker & Sons has diversified into the production of whisky, vodka and rum and is the largest distillery in North America with a production of 180,000 litres of alcohol per day.

A varied range of products

Lot 40, Canadian Club, Hiram Walker Deluxe, Hiram Walker Imperial Blend...Hiram Walker's portfolio includes some of Canada's most renowned stocks. In addition to its whiskies, vodkas and rums, the firm produces one of the world's largest lines of liqueurs: 43 in total, all made with 100% natural ingredients.

Committed production

Numerous environmental initiatives have propelled the company to the forefront of green business through its efforts to promote clean energy. An on-site treatment plant has been set up. Natural gas has been favoured and initiatives to reduce wastewater contamination have been taken.

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