Heretat Mestres

Heretat Mestres

Sant Sadurní D'Anoia
Barcelona, Catalonia
+34 938 91 00 43

A long winemaking tradition, with a family saga that dates back to 1312, leads Josep Mestres Manobens to elaborate in 1925 the first bottle of white wine, with a second fermentation, after a long period of aging in the cellar. The sparkling wine was presented at Christmas of 1928 with the name Cava Mestres. From this moment, the family has continued to make the Heretat Mestres cavas following the traditional method, and even today all the processes of preparation, removal, slaughter and other care are carried out manually, bottle by bottle, taking all the time necessary.

Mestres were precursors in the use of the word Cava: since 1928, the Cavas Mestres del Penedès label their elaborations, both for the quality of their base wines and for making the second fermentations with cork stoppers. Two characteristics mark the cellars of the Mestres winery: on the one hand, they elaborate their cellars without having the need to add expedition liquor after the disgorgement.On the other hand, the barrel aging of the base wines, a different way of elaboration with which the cellars with aging Mestres marked an innovation in the world of cava.

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