Herdade do Rocim

Herdade do Rocim


The Herdade do Rocim is mainly the result of a desire and a dream. "God wants, Man dreams, the Work is born" is the poetic expression of Fernando Pessoa that can best help to understand the circumstances in which the idea and the constructed work came about. This is the path we wish to pursue. In the fragility of our human condition, we dare to think that, in fact, in order to reach the reality that is today the Estate of the Rocim, some God inspired us and some dream moved us.

Beginning to work in the mechanization of agriculture in the 70's, investment in diversified and complementary sectors is a reference of Movicortes' course. The business in the area of ​​equipment (public works, agriculture and automobiles), later joined the media, books and wine production, with Rocim.
The investment in the area of ​​wines began in 2000 with the Herdade do Rocim. A property of about 120 hectares, of which 70 are vineyards, between Vidigueira and Cuba, in the Baixo Alentejo. There began a new adventure and a dream.The first years were dedicated to the restructuring and qualification of the estate, with the planting of new vineyards and the introduction of new grape varieties, in a project that mixed new and old knowledge, with reason and emotion, supported in the love of father and daughter. Then came the construction of the Cellar and the production of wine, with own brands.
Also in Cortes (Leiria), the birthplace of José Ribeiro Vieira, founder of the company, Rocim started planting vines in 2003 with a view to recovering the brand image of this parish and also of the family tradition in the wine sector. of the Mata Valley.
Today, Rocim is already recognized for the quality of the wines and the Cellar. To speak of your history is to speak of the dream and so it is also to speak of the present and the future. Because the dream has no end.

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