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Havana Club

La Habana, Cuba

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about Havana Club

Produced by the Maestros Roneros according to traditional Cuban methods and appreciated by barmen and consumers all over the world, Havana Club rum embodies the true spirit of Cuba.

The authentic rum of Cuba

The values of the Havana Club are best represented by the work of the masters of Cuban rum. An art that is not taught in books. In fact, as Don José Navarro, Maestro Ronero of Havana Club, states, it is "a true cultural heritage, transmitted from one Master to another". For 15 long years, the aspiring Maestro undergoes rigorous training, during which he learns how to select the best raw materials, supervise fermentation and distillation, choose the best casks for ageing and blend spirits to obtain the best rums. A Cuban Master Ronero is a true master in his craft!

Havana Club is the fifth brand in the world, with over 4 million cases of rum sold in 120 countries. France and Germany confirm themselves as the strongest markets. Since 2008, Havana Club has also been bottled in India.

La Ronera San José

Havana Club produces authentic Cuban rum in the new generation distillery called La Ronera San José. It opened on January 9, 2007, after two years of hard work, and covers an area of 17 hectares.

The collaboration between French and Cuban experts has been fundamental in implementing the most advanced technology in this new distillery, always respecting the needs and requirements of the traditional Cuban rum production method.

The construction of the San José distillery is a key moment in the history of Havana Club International. The new structure now allows the production of larger quantities of Havana Club rum, in line with increasing market demand, and the freedom to diversify the range with more aged rums. All this while maintaining very high quality standards and in a context of respect for the environment.

Corporación Cuba Ron and Pernod Ricard

In 1993, Pernod Ricard S.A. and Corporación Cuba Ron S.A. launched a joint venture to produce, market and distribute authentic Havana Club rum worldwide. Today, Havana Club rums are among the most awarded, with 27 medals won in international competitions in the last four years.

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Location and other information

Havana Club
Havana Club
City: Rpto. Atabey. Playa. La Habana (ZIP Code 11600)
Location: La Habana, Cuba
Country: Cuba
Phone: (+53 7) 273-0102