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12, Rue Godart Roger
EPERNAY (ZIP Code 51200)
Marne, Grand Est
+33 (0)3 26 56 99
+33 (0)3 26 51 55

The history of the region of Champagne can't be understood without Champagne Gosset. Both region and winery, begin their journey in 1580, two centuries before the discovery of the ferment, with the quiet red wines and Chardonnay Pinot Noir called "vins d'Ay". Defendants were the wines at the French court of Henry III and Louis XIII, along with the wines of Burgundy. Pierre Gosset began this activity in the area, so they are more than 400 years treating and Charonnay pinot noir. The winery's philosophy today is focused on maintaining quality above all else (sales, production, etc. ..). When the grapes are excellent for developing a million bottles, is done, but if the quality of the grapes is not appropriate, the hold down the production of bottles for quality. The grape that works is 95% Gosset Grand cru, few wineries offer this data and is the only way to have consistent quality.

Champagne Gosset is based on a traditional production is maintained generation after generation.

The harvest is done entirely by hand, making a first selection in the vineyard where the grapes chosen only perfectly healthy, once pressed grapes, only used for the fermentation of base wine then go to Gosset's Wort first pressing or "free-run juice," some of the musts are fermented in French oak vats which gives them concentration of aromas and finesse, in addition, none of the base wines malolactic fermentation done immediately after the alcohol, but perform this second fermentation in the bottle (rhymes), this gives an extra point of freshness Gosset only presumed to have.

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