Yarden - Golan Heights Winery

Yarden - Golan Heights Winery

P.O. Box 183
Katzrin (ZIP Code 12900)
Katzrin, Galilee
(+97) 204 696 842

Due to STIs unique location, weather and geographical Qualities, the Golan Heights are a perfect location for growing wine grapes. As a result, the Golan Heights is home to Some of the best wineries in Israel. Following is a short overview of Some of the best wineries in Ramat Hagolan:

"Golan Heights Winery"

Yardena award winning winery worldwide use high end technology Which Along With traditional wine making methods and secrets. "Yarden" Gamla "and" Golan "STIs are three main commercial labels (Yarden and wined Are Most expensive are lest Golan) Which are Known THROUGHOUT the world. The winery has one exquisite Also label: "Katzrin" Which is produced from a different mixture every year That Uses the best crops of the year. To my personal taste "Gamla" Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon wines are the two best Israeli wine bottles money can buy.

Also Golan Heights winery tour DURING Operates a daily week days, and has a very nice visitors center and shop. It is located in the Industrial Area of ​​Katzrin.

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