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Girvan Distillery

Girvan Distillery

84 Lower Mortlake Road
Richmond (ZIP Code TW92HS)
South Ayrshire, Scotland
United Kingdom
+44 (0) 208 332 11

Named after the part of Scotland in which it was built, the Girvan Distillery has been around since 1963. This Scottish whisky manufacturer is invested in both ensuring the tradition of whisky making as well as innovating ways to craft even better spirits. Owned by William Grant & Sons Ltd, the company has a small but powerful collection of single grain Scotch whiskies that are all made with extreme care and pride.


The Girvan Distillery was built in 1963. At the time of its creation, it was the most advanced distillery in the whole world. This is not surprising as its creator, Charles Gordon, was the great-grandson of a distillery builder himself. While the company may be young, the tradition of crafting spirits runs in the family’s blood.

The very first still installed at the distillery is still functioning to date. It has since been joined by other stills of various types.

Product Range

There are currently four whiskies on offer from the Girvan Distillery.

No. 4 Apps is named after the unique, pioneering still in which it is produced. This single grain whisky is crafted using the very modern technique of vacuum distillation. This is done at a low temperature to ensure the integrity of the whisky, with all of its vibrant odours and flavour, remains intact.

The Girvan Distillery’s 25 Year Old whisky is a single grain whisky which is crafted using continuous distillation before being left to mature in American oak for 25 years.

At just a little bit older, the Girvan Distillery’s 28 Year Old whisky is a beautifully flavourful, rich, and complex single grain whisky. It is distilled in continuous stills and aged in American oak.

Last, but by no means least, is the Girvan Distillery’s 30 Year Old whisky is the product of slow, careful ageing in American oak barrels. This beautiful spirit was crafted in continuous stills before being aged to perfection. Non-chill filtered to retain all of its complexity, this is an intense and delightful whisky.

Other Relevant Information

The whiskies offered by the Girvan Distillery are a new style of Scotch whisky. Thanks to their undefinable nature, the company has dubbed them “deliciously different”. Neither blends or malts, these fine, golden whiskies are something that must be tasted to see what the difference is. The use of special stills allows the brand to offer a purity and lightness that makes these whiskies truly remarkable.

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