Georg Breuer

Georg Breuer

Grabenstraße 8
Rüdesheim (ZIP Code 65385)
Rheingau, Hessen
+49 6722 1027
+49 6722 4531

In 1880, Bernhard Scholl and Albert Hillebrand founded a wine shop and also acquired a small wine estate. Since the beginning of the 20th century, this winery lies in the hands of the Breuer family. Peter Breuer forwarded the estate to his namegiving son, Georg, who expanded the company and brought national fame. The next generations followed his footsteps and expanded the terroir, without ever compromising the wines' quality. Since 2004 it's the daughter, Theresa Breuer, who lovingly takes care of the family heritage with the support of an excellent team of experts. She was the one to transfer the production focus from the cellar to the vineyards, from where she provides the wines with a natural balance between acidity and sweetness, ripeness and aromatic. Furthermore, the winery Georg Breuer belongs to the first members of FAIR and GREEN. Breuer wines are created after the philosophy to only produce what the vintner themselves would enjoy drinking.

Georg Breuer counts on first-class terroirs in Rüdesheim in the German wine region of Rheingau, as for instance mountain Schlossberg, Rottland and Roseneck. Those terroirs deliever a yearly yield of 15-25 hl. As a classic Rheingau winery, the major part of production is based on the king of white grapes, Riesling. But the brand also creates exceptional Pinot Gris, Pinot Blanc, Pinot Noir, Orléans and Heunisch wines.

The pintoresque winery also takes responsability as friend and patron of the arts. This is why since the 1980 vintage every year a different artist designs the bottle label of Rüdesheim Berg Schlossberg.

Due to the huge success the winery cast its net wide towards South to Portugal. There, in the heart of the classic wine region of Douro between Regua and Pinhao the winery counts on a second wine project. The Quinta da Carvalhosa was founded by Theresa's father, Bernhard, and his colleagues, Bernd Philippi and Werner Näkel, in order to produce excellent port wines. But that's a whole different story of success.

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