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Gabriel Boudier

Gabriel Boudier

14 Rue De Cluj
Dijon (ZIP Code 21000)
+33 (0) 3 80 74 33

Gabriel Boudier offers consumers a wide range of spirits in various exciting flavours. The company’s portfolio includes everything from the classics that every bartender – amateur or professional – must have, to the more exciting, innovative flavours that can be used to create interesting new cocktail recipes. These fine products are available in 70 countries around the world.


Founded in Dijon, France in 1874 as the house of Fontbonne, Gabriel Boudier took over the business in 1909 to create the House of Gabriel Boudier. In 1936, after Gabriel Boudier passed away, his wife sold the company to Marcel Battault. Battault decided to retain the name due to its already strong reputation. The House of Gabriel Boudier has remained in Dijon and in the Battault family ever since.

Product Range

The portfolio of fine products offered by Gabriel Boudier has been divided into eight distinct collections.

The Bartender Range is full of the colours and flavours you need to craft excellent drinks. There are too many flavours available to possibly list them all.

The Bernard Loiseau range is made up of eight exciting liqueurs in a mix of flavours that is sure to entice. Carrying the name of one of the greatest French chefs, the flavour combinations in these distinctive spirits are not likely to be found elsewhere.

The traditional recipe for Crème de Cassis de Dijon has been made by the House of Gabriel Boudier for more than 100 years.

The Crèmes de Fruits range follows in the delicious footsteps of the Crème de Cassis de Dijon. Made using the same process as the original but available in other fruit flavours, these are exciting additions to any drink.

In a company that prides itself on flavours, any gin offered must be special. For that reason, the beautiful orange Saffron Gin is a must-try. The unflavoured Rare London Dry Gin is also worth trying.

Les Eaux de Vie is a collection of fruit brandies that are traditionally used to end a meal on a fruity, digestive note. Known as the “elixirs of life”, these fruit brandies are also often used to flavour desserts and pastries.

Les Paradoxales is an original range of liqueurs which come in exciting shapes and colours. Flavourful fruits have been made in exciting new recipes waiting to be made into cocktails.

The Spécialités Bourguignonnes is made up of treasures that only the Burgundy region can offer. These traditional spirits are made only using fruit sourced from Burgundy itself.

Other Relevant Information

The House of Gabriel Boudier often teams up with chefs to create its new flavour combinations.

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