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Frangelico is an Italian liqueur known around the world almost as much for its looks as for its flavour. The monk-shaped bottle holds a bold, hazelnut liqueur within that simply cannot be matched by other brands. Frangelico is a one-of-a-kind product that can trace its roots back centuries, to the monks that once lived in the mountains of Italy. Now owned by Gruppo Campari, the brand is continuing to grow and expand its reach as news of the legendary flavour of this peerless spirit continues to spread.


Going back more than three centuries, legend has it that the Christian monks living in northern Italy, in the Piedmont region, in particular, had great skill in crafting food, drink, and liqueurs, some of which used wild hazelnuts as Frangelico does today. It is from this region, using nuts harvested from the local area, that Frangelico was born, centuries later. The brand known as Frangelico was created in 1978. It was the product of Barbaro, an Italian wine and spirit company. The brand was sold to the C&C Group in 1990 before changing hands once again to become part of William Grant & Sons in March 2010. In September 2010, Frangelico became a part of Gruppo Campari. This speciality liqueur is now growing in popularity and sold in more than 50 different markets worldwide.

Product Range

There is only one Frangelico. It might get larger or smaller in size, but the bottle always remains the same, as does the liquid within. This Italian liqueur uses a special hazelnut that can only be found in the Piedmont region. These Tonda Gentile hazelnuts are larger and easier to peel, making them perfect for Frangelico. After toasting, these fine Italian nuts are distilled with alcohol before additional flavours are added, including coffee, vanilla, and cocoa. The original Frangelico hazelnut liqueur is as classic as it is captivating. It is one of the nuttiest products out there, making it quite useful in a variety of applications.

Other Relevant Information

The name of Frangelico comes from that of a hermit monk that is thought to have lived in the hills of Piedmont in the 18th century, named Fra’ Angelico. The remarkable Frangelico bottle is designed to look like a monk dressed in his habit. The brown glass will stand calmly on your bar with its hands folded, with a cord tied elegantly around its waist, waiting to be able to offer the flavour of true Italian hazelnuts to the next person who comes along.

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