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Foss Marai

Foss Marai

Strada Di Guia 109
Guia Di Valdobbiadene (ZIP Code 31049)
Treviso, Veneto
+39 0423 900 560
+39 0423 900 570

After the Latin lines "Leniter in itinere", which in English means "On a long and constant journey", the company Foss Marai dedicates its attention to the production of high-quality sparkling wine. Today Foss Marai represents Italian sparkling wines as their symbolic ambassador.

When we say Foss Marai, we actually refer to the family Biasiotto. The Biasiottos turned a range of rural houses made out of brick, stones and wood into a modern and beautyful office space for the company.

The vineyards from the prosecco appellation, DOCG Conegliano-Valdobbiadene, where also resides Foss Marai, draw a unique picture into the landscape. The vintners from this region all work together, in order for this territory to become a UNESCO world heritage. This is why Foss Marai took over the status of an ambassador at the beginning. Because this winery foster regional tradition and culture in any way, be it gastronomy, native inhabitants, hospitality, wine culture and much more.

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